Taste of Indonesia Cookbook

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Introducing Thermomix’s Taste of Indonesia.

Meticulously composed by our team in Indonesia, this collection guarantees a mouthwatering, immersive experience into the world of Indonesian cooking. Embrace your inner artist as you transform your kitchen into a captivating painting, daring to experiment with a colourful palate of spices. Beyond offering your tastebuds a delightful time, Taste of Indonesia promises a stimulating lesson on the heritage of one of the world’s most vibrant nations. Prepare to be blown away by scrumptious dishes such as Ayam Pelalah Bali and Soto Betawi At the end, you’ll realise that one taste simply isn't enough.

Inspired by Chef Degan Septoadji, our Chef in Collaboration, this book is categorized into 5 spices:

Indonesian White Spice Paste
Indonesian Yellow Spice Paste
Indonesian Red Spice Paste
Indonesian Green Spice Paste
Indonesian Black Spice Paste

A total of 52 delectable Indonesian dishes and 8 Sambal.

For Thermomix® users new to Indonesian food, let this be the start of a new journey.

Happy cooking!



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Chef Chris Salans
Culinary Creator of Mozaic Restaurant Ubud

Thermomix is one of the best investments I have, this German robot helper helps build confidence in planning and cooking everyday! Never in a million year, I could imagine making perfect bread, jams, seasonings, pasta and many more easily. Before Thermomix, I was so intimidated to go to the kitchen but Thermomix made cooking & cleaning convenient & easy!

Enterpreneur and Cooking Enthusiast

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