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Explore a vast array of dishes effortlessly with Thermomix® guided cooking recipes. These recipes simplify even the most sophisticated dishes into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring consistently excellent results. Whether you prefer step-by-step guidance, precise manual settings, or direct access to cooking modes, Thermomix® puts reliable cooking at your fingertips. Just weigh in and add your ingredients – it's that easy!

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Cook smarter with Thermomix®, whether you're preparing family dinners, a healthy meal for one, or cooking professionally. Effortlessly create perfect, delicious meals with Thermomix®, regardless of your skill level. Unlock your full cooking potential and explore new culinary heights with the help of Thermomix®!

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Whether your family is big or small, young or old making time for healthy home-cooked meals can be a challenge. That's where Thermomix® comes in. It's a lifesaver, helping you create delicious, quality meals quickly and effortlessly, bringing the love of good food back into your home for the whole family to enjoy.

Thermomix® for Professional Chefs

Thermomix® is a staple in professional kitchens, trusted by many Michelin-starred and top-rated restaurants. Its precise control over temperature, speed, and cooking times ensures consistently perfect results. With Thermomix®, restaurants can focus on recipe innovation while saving time, money, and effort.

Fresh and Healthy with Thermomix®

Cooking with Thermomix® makes eating better, fresher, and healthier effortless. Explore thousands of recipes tailored to dietary needs, accompanied by clear nutritional information. Take control of your meals, managing weight and allergies with ease and less stress.

Save time, save money

Consolidating over 20 kitchen appliances into one,  Thermomix® streamlines meal prep and saves time. Whether recreating takeout favorites or crafting nutritious meals, Thermomix® makes home cooking efficient and affordable, reducing food waste along the way

Unlimited Inspiration and Creativity with Thermomix®

With thousands of tried and tested recipes, cooking has never been simpler. Roam the world of over 67,000 recipes! Experiment new dishes from another part of the world, create your own unique tastes, you have the freedom to create recipes the way you like them best.

Thermomix® is Smart at Heart

The culinary landscape has rapidly evolved, witnessing trends like hybrid food and dietary concepts shared widely on social media. In response, Thermomix® introduces the TM6, revolutionizing cooking for busy individuals craving homemade meals. With a multitude of functions and direct access to thousands of recipes, the TM6 ignites limitless culinary inspiration. Plus, with continuous over-the-air updates, it remains at the forefront of smart kitchen technology, constantly improving.

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