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A Thermomix®  in-home cooking experience is the best way to appreciate the benefits of owning a Thermomix®. See for yourself the process of preparing incredible healthy food and tasty meals in minutes. Entertain your friends and enjoy delicious food without lifting a finger. Simply book a Thermomix® cooking experience today.

Discover the wonders of Thermomix® with a knowledgeable Advisor! Learn how to steer clear of harmful additives and save on groceries. Dive into a delightful 90-minute cooking experience, indulging in a full menu from appetizers to desserts. You might even get hands-on with the Thermomix®! Experience the ease and cleanliness as Thermomix® handles prep, cooking, and self-cleansing effortlessly! 

The Standard Thermomix® Cooking Experience Menu consists of :
1. Juicing & Pulverizing : fresh juices
2. Dough Kneading : wholesome bread &/or buns
3. Ice-cream : Refreshing preservatives-free fruit sorbet
4. Low Temperature Cooking : nutrients rich naturally sweet stir-fried fresh vegetables
5. Multi-Layer Cooking & Blending : delicious and nourishing soup &/or other one pot meal main(s) &/or rice with a steamed dish

Thermomix Demo Delights: Capturing Moments of Culinary Inspiration

Experience the magic of Thermomix® in person with our live cooking demonstrations

Indulge in our Menus A, B, C, and D, and witness how a full course of mouthwatering dishes, refreshing drinks, and delectable desserts can be effortlessly prepared—the fast, clean, and easy Thermomix® way. From prep to cook, our live cooking experience will guide you through the various invaluable functions that make Thermomix® truly exceptional.

Sit back, relax, and watch as Thermomix® takes charge of preparing diverse dishes, freeing up your hands to attend to other tasks.

Menu A


  1. Lemonade
  2. Quick Steamed Bun (Mantou)
  3. Ornge Sorbet
  4. Stir Fried Broccoliwith Carrot OR Stir Fried Four Angled Beanswith Chilli Belacan
  5. Pumpkin soup

Menu B


  1. Calamansi Juice
  2. Focaccia with Tomato
  3. Black Sesame Crème
  4. Stir-Fried Shredded Cabbage OR Stir Fry Whole Fish
  5. 3 in One: Rice, SteamEgg, Herbal Chicken

Menu C


  1. Virgin WatermelonMargarita
  2. Banana Cake
  3. Peanut Butter OR ABC Nut Butter
4. Sauteed Prawn OR  Oil-Free Honey Soy Chicken
5. Garlic, Olive Oil, Chilli Spaghetti

Menu D


  1. Frappé coffee
  2. Brazillian Cheese Puff
  3. Banana Ice Cream
4. Mapo Tofu OR Ginger Sesame Oil Boneless Chicken 
5. Kampung Style Fried Rice



“Thermomix really help me doing all hardwork, from hollandaise to soups and puree.

It’s even better with the scale feature so i can just put everything into the bowl and get it scaled directly.”

Patrese Vito
Executive Chef at Botanica Dining
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“Thermomix is a great tool. We use it every day at Mozaic in order to create consistently great quality preparation. We wouldn’t get the same quality without our Thermomix”

Chef Chris Salans
Culinary Creator of Mozaic Restaurant Ubud

I first encountered the Thermomix in 2021 in Bali, alongside Chef Degan, and was immediately impressed by its versatility. How could a single, compact machine do so much? It was clear it would change the way I cook and bake. My dream came true, and it wasn’t long before the Thermomix earned a permanent spot in my kitchen, becoming my trusted culinary companion.

Risa Andithia
Certified Baking Instructor & Chef Founder
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Thermomix makes your life very easy. A very efficient machine. My favorite is the scaling. What chef likes about The thermomix, is that it is very powerful, very reliable, the temperature is Spot On!

Gilles Marx
Executive Chef at Amuz Jakarta
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Makes everything easier in professional kitchen and makes you professional at home.

Arnold Poernomo
Celebrity chef and Masterchef Indonesia Judge

A truly essential tool for any chef, or any home cook for that matter, to produce fine quality results in small or big quantity. From that moment on, Thermomix has been a big support in my work, in Indonesia and internationally, until now.

Chef Degan Septoadji
Chef-Entrepreneur and Masterchef Judge

Many might view the Thermomix as a significant investment at first glance, especially those unfamiliar with its capabilities. Indeed, it represents a considerable commitment, but the true value of this innovative device becomes apparent once you've had the chance to use it. The investment quickly proves to be immensely worthwhile. For home cooks, particularly mothers, it transforms into an indispensable tool, simplifying the cooking process remarkably. In a professional kitchen setting, its impact is profound, streamlining operations and enhancing culinary creativity.

Bryan Ferrysienanda
Top 5 Masterchef Season 8 Alumnus

I first started usingThermomix 10 years ago and immediately fell for it. The functions and efficiency of the machine is incomparable. Though we as chef should know how to cook all basics,Thermomix just gives you the convenience to get the job done correctly and effectively. The machine is constantly improving and evolving just like how our FnB industry is constantly innovating.

Chef Tay Chan Yong
Head Chef @ The Cave by Chef Ryan Clift, Bali
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Thermomix memegang peran penting dalam menyajikan rasa yang fantastis. Dengan memanfaatkan fitur-fiturnya, Thermomix memastikan rasa tetap konsisten dan menjaga kualitas makanan kami tetap unggul.

Chef Bayu Retno Timor
Executive Chef Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Bali