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These steaming sheets are designed to perfectly fit all models of the Varoma tray, making Varoma clean-up a breeze.
The sheets are cut to fit the Varoma perfectly, so you do not have to spend time cutting steaming paper to size.
To create the perfect fit, just press and fold the sheet along the inside Varoma tray edge.

Fits perfectly in all Varoma trays, you can use these sheets wet or dry.

  • Length: 30.7cm
  • Width: 24.5cm

Comes in a set of 24 sheets.



“Thermomix is a great tool. We use it every day at Mozaic in order to create consistently great quality preparation. We wouldn’t get the same quality without our Thermomix”

Chef Chris Salans
Culinary Creator of Mozaic Restaurant Ubud

Thermomix is one of the best investments I have, this German robot helper helps build confidence in planning and cooking everyday! Never in a million year, I could imagine making perfect bread, jams, seasonings, pasta and many more easily. Before Thermomix, I was so intimidated to go to the kitchen but Thermomix made cooking & cleaning convenient & easy!

Enterpreneur and Cooking Enthusiast

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