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We’ve made the TM6 / TM5 Spatula a longer and grippier multi-tasker that’s more flexible at the end to reach in and easily scrape dough, cream or ice from the bowl and blades. 

We’ve added a safety collar on the handle, so you can safely stir the contents of the mixing bowl, even when the machine is blending, chopping or cooking. It won’t touch the blades. We’ve also given the collar a flat side, so it won’t roll and bounce off your kitchen work surface. We’ve all been there!

And check out that hook on the back of the Thermomix® Spatula. That clips into the simmering basket, so you can lift it out of the bowl safely.

When you purchase a new TM6, this Thermomix® Spatula is part of the package. But in case it gets lost, degraded or damaged, or the dog chews it, we’ve made it available to buy as a replacement part.