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Thermomix® Multi-Layer Cooking Recipe Collection 

Multi-layer cooking utilises the Thermomix® mixing bowl, simmering basket and Varoma, all at the same time, to cook many delectably delicious food across all layers. With 50 multi-layer recipes that add up to over 150 dishes, the instructions and tips to cook multiple dishes at the same time, the Three-in-One Cooking cookbook gives you the cooking versatility to be in total control on how and when you want to cook and serve the dishes.

Stack up to cook an “all-in-one” main dish, such as meat with a side of vegetables and bean curd, or use the layers to prepare a 3-course meal with starter, main dish and side dish at the same time!

Explore a multitude of exotic flavours and diverse cooking traditions with your Thermomix®. Beyond just regular steaming, the Thermomix® steaming function can also be used in many unexpected ways such as making the most decadent steamed savoury char siu cake; getting an impossibly springy and “QQ” texture in homemade muah chi; or cooking the juiciest ayam kunyit effortlessly from start to finish in the comfort of your kitchen.

For ones who are time starved, the Three-in-One Cooking cookbook allows more dishes to be cooked quickly – enabling meals to be ready in record time. Stay inspired with unlimited dish combinations that can cooked at the same time. Amaze everyone with Three-in-One Cooking using your Thermomix®.

The Three-in-One Cooking Cookbook won the Gourmand Award in 2019.