Thermomix® Blade Cover and Peeler for TM5 TM6

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Thermomix® Blade Cover and Peeler for TM5 TM6

The new generation Blade Cover and Peeler not only protects the food during slow cooking and sous-vide cooking, but now effortlessly scrubs and peels your potatoes. Why peel potatoes when you don't have to?

For decades, Thermomix® has made food preparation easy for families around the world. Our innovation brought you a blade cover to turn your Thermomix® into a sous-vide cooker and a slow cooker, and now the Blade Cover & Peeler is the next step in making your daily life in the kitchen even easier.

Integrated with a peeler function, the Blade Cover & Peeler will take away more of the manual preparation, freeing up your time so you can turn your attention to other things. Enjoy being at home and relaxing on the couch, reading or playing with the kids, while your meal is being cooked for you by Thermomix®.

These added functions to Thermomix® will give you back some time. Sous-vide cooking and slow cooking methods are perfect for make-ahead meals. These melt-in-the-mouth dishes will wait until your family or guests are ready to eat, without overcooking. The peeler function will help with the preparation, leaving your hands free and clean for other things. Let Thermomix® take the effort out of cooking.

You’ll transform cheaper cuts of meat, fish and poultry into the richest melt-in-the-mouth dishes by cooking them low and slow with the Thermomix Blade Cover attached for slow cooker mode. Just let your new Thermomix slow cooker do its thing while you do yours (work time, family time or me time). Your food will be kept warm, without over-cooking, until you’re ready to plate up.

Or try out the French sous vide method when you treat yourself to those more expensive, finer cuts of meat and fish. Follow the simple guided cooking steps and we guarantee you’ll get the biggest restaurant-quality bang for your buck with the juiciest, nutrient-rich and perfectly tender food you’ve ever cooked.



“Thermomix is a great tool. We use it every day at Mozaic in order to create consistently great quality preparation. We wouldn’t get the same quality without our Thermomix”

Chef Chris Salans
Culinary Creator of Mozaic Restaurant Ubud

Thermomix is one of the best investments I have, this German robot helper helps build confidence in planning and cooking everyday! Never in a million year, I could imagine making perfect bread, jams, seasonings, pasta and many more easily. Before Thermomix, I was so intimidated to go to the kitchen but Thermomix made cooking & cleaning convenient & easy!

Enterpreneur and Cooking Enthusiast

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