Beyond typical souvenirs, "Oleh-Oleh" delves into Indonesia's diverse culture through its culinary treasures. This cookbook serves as a gateway to the nation's rich landscapes and traditions, taking you on a sensory journey that transcends borders. Whether you're exploring Bandung's vibrant streets, Bali's serene shores, or beyond, each baking dish immerses you in a unique facet of this culturally diverse nation.

"Oleh-Oleh" excels in fusing local flavors and ingredients into international dishes, from Jackfruit Madeleines to Chicken Opor Quiche. Enjoy this tribute to Indonesia's culinary heritage with Thermomix ®️!


Explore Indonesia's diverse culinary heritage with "Oleh-Oleh," a cookbook that transcends borders to immerse you in its rich traditions and landscapes, offering fusion delights which are all perfect for enjoying with Thermomix®️!