Thermomix® Cutter

Thermomix® Cutter is the perfect complement to your Thermomix® to slice and grate your ingredientsfour ways. Preparing your ingredients with beautiful even cuts is now faster and easier, and you’ll instantly add a restaurant quality visual appeal to your dishes.



One disc. Four functions.
Endless possibilities.

Thermomix® Cutter has four razor-sharp slicing and grating functions that’ll turn the speed up on your weekly meal prep. It’ll also dial down the stress and mess of slicing and grating, and eortlessly transform healthy food with next-level wow-factor results – helping you get more from your Thermomix®.



Save and shave time off your weekly meal prep

Think about how long you spend grating and slicing cheese, fruit and veggies each week. It’s laborious, messy and monotonous. With the new Thermomix® Cutter – preparing ingredients with beautiful, even cuts is now faster and easier, cutting your weekly meal prep right down to a matter of minutes.



Types of Cuts

The cutter disc has two sides, one for slicing and another for grating (think ‘slate for slice, grey for grate’, allowing you to prepare fruits and vegetables with four dierent cuts:
  • Thin slices (1-2 mm)
  • Thick slices (4-5 mm)
  • Thin grating (2 mm)
  • Thick grating (4 mm)


Tips & Tricks

  • Raw ingredients can be cut thinly or thickly according to your taste, although you may obtain a nicer result when thinly slicing hard or brous ingredients such as beetroot or celeriac.
  • For perfect cutting results, choose small fruits and vegetables that t in the feeder. Larger ingredients will need trimming to fit.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be ripe but rm to the touch. It is particularly relevant for softer ingredients, e. g. tomatoes avocado or mango.
  • To prevent them losing their shape through cooking and drying out in the oven, thickly slice or grate ingredients you will be cooking, unless you are looking for a particular result, such as oven-baked chips, for example.
  • Cooked and frozen ingredients are not suitable for slicingor grating with the Thermomix® Cutter (with exception of cooked beetroot).
  • Juicy ingredients (e.g. watermelon, melon, tomatoes, kiwi) areonly suitable to be sliced thickly. We do not recommend grating or thinly slicing.


Cleaning your
Thermomix® Cutter

Easy to clean, you can wash it by hand under running water or use dishwashing detergent. We don’t recommend leaving the cutting disc soaking as this may cause oxidation. The Thermomix® Cutter is also suitable for the dishwasher, preferably in the top rack.