Thermomix® Cookbook Recipes Updates


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At Thermomix® , we aim for perfection with each of our recipes. Time to time again, we take in feedback from our user community and tweak the recipes so they cook easier and taste better.
We have adjusted the recipes in these cookbooks. Download them now.

3-in-1 Cookbook

• Page 178 Coffee Ribs, Winter Melon Chicken and Black Pepper Root Veggie

It’s Tea O’Clock Cookbook
Page 15 Kue Lupis (Indonesian Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumplings)
Page 41 Lup Chup (Thai Fruit Shaped Mung Bean Dessert)
Page 115 Steamed Chocolate Buns

Watch Philyn Chan, Baking Instructor and Recipe Contributor, of the Thai Lup Chup dessert recipe from the It’s Tea O’Clock cookbook, host a tutorial with hands-on guidance on how to make these miniature sweets, from mixing the dough, shaping, to painting them!

Thermomix Singapore Thai Lup Chup Dessert Step-by-Step How-to-Make Thermomix Tutorial