Everything to know about  Cookidoo®

What is Cookidoo®?

Cookidoo® is Thermomix® official digital recipe portal, with a constantly growing number of recipes. Every recipe has been designed by the Thermomix® recipe development team to work perfectly with your Thermomix® TM5 and TM6. You may bookmark recipes, and save them into collections (ie folders) and have them synchronised into your Thermomix® device.
Once you are logged into your Cookidoo® account, you can:
– Create profile to set auto filters to have recipes sorted out and filter by default according to your preset preferences such as cooking style, language, countries etc.
– Organise, bookmark and create collections
– Create a weekly planner and shopping list that combines all your recipes in your weekly planner
– Create your own Thermomix® recipes and save them into your Cookidoo® account and have it sync to your Thermomix®.
– Use the search and filter features to find specific recipes

During your Thermomix® post-purchase Unboxing Experience session, your Advisor will run through the Welcome Guide for new owners to bring you through Cookidoo®, how to set up an account, and how to use it effectively for cooking, meal planning and ingredient shopping.

Can I use Thermomix® without Cookidoo®?

Yes. Your new TM6 come with a 6-month membership of Cookidoo®. Cookidoo® can be accessed by any device that has access to the internet via the browser.  Users create a Cookidoo® account and login to access to all the benefits of Cookidoo®, including recipes, collections, and features.

After the initial 6 month membership, the user will have the option to subscribe to Cookidoo® under their account for USD59 per year. This is an automatic renewal subscription which would renew a year after the date the subscription is purchased. Even without an active Cookidoo® subscription, you may cook either using manual cooking method by adjusting time, temperature and speed to let Thermomix® cook for you; or use the Feature Modes to perform specific functions such as sous vide, slow cooking kneading, peeling, egg boiling, boiling water, cooking rice, blending, steaming, fermenting and more.

With Cookidoo®, you have access to a vast library that can keep you inspired and creative for your daily meals without any headache on what to cook. Within Cookidoo® or on your Thermomix®, you can search the title of the recipe, list of ingredients, preparation method and category. Filter by a category, ingredients, preparation time, portion, total time, Thermomix® model, country, and language. Cookidoo® may suggest search terms and will store your searches in history. You may sort search results by relevance, date, name, total time and preparation time.

How much is Cookidoo®?

Your new TM6 comes with a free 6-month trial of Cookidoo®. Cookidoo® can be accessed by any device connected to the internet via the browser. Users create a Cookidoo® account  and login to access to all the benefits of Cookidoo®, including recipes, collections, and features. After the initial trial period ends, an annual subscription to access over 80,000 recipes (growing) is USD59 for full Cookidoo® 3.0 features which includes Creative Recipes, where users can sync their own recipes through Cookidoo® into their Thermomix®.

What is the benefit of Cookidoo®?

Cookidoo® offers users an access to the world’s largest library of guided-cooking recipes. Every recipe guides the user from their Thermomix® as they cook and prepare their meals, from start until the dish is completed. That’s why Cookidoo® recipes are success-guaranteed as long as users follow the recipes to a tee without modification. Every recipe is developed by our Recipe Development team and triple tested for success and safety prior to publishing on Cookidoo® for the wider community. Get personal support from your Thermomix® Advisor or email us at support@thermomixindonesia.co.id if you need support for your Cookidoo® account.

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