Kaki Lima


Comfort. Memories. Security. Family. When the question “what is home?” is posed, you would inevitably hear millions and millions of different responses. Here, in Thermomix Indonesia, the idea of food is fundamental to our answer.

Whether it is the sweet flavours of our grandma’s homemade cake or the rich aromas in your neighbourhood’s popular eatery, food can be powerful. Food brings you back to the good ol’ times. Food makes you feel safe. Food is an expression of love. For many Indonesians, kaki limas are one of the obvious indicators that they are home.

Kaki limas are not only the colloquial term of Indonesian street food; they are believed to possess several other meanings. For those unfamiliar, street vendors–found in almost every corner of the city–transport their goods on carts. Many believe that kaki lima refers to the total number of “feet'' that comes with every vendor: a pushcart with two wheels and a stabaliser; and, of course, the two feet of the vendor themselves. Alternatively, kaki lima could refer to the five-foot width pavements the vendors occupy.

In consideration of all the ways kaki lima can be used, we believe that the term successfully encapsulates the authentic Indonesian street dining experience–the very thing that makes Indonesia home for many of us. Indeed, as we take you on a tour of the streets of Indonesia, we urge you to ask yourselves: what is home to you?


At Thermomix Indonesia, we believe food is at the heart of the concept of home, evoking comfort, memories, and family bonds. As we explore the streets of Indonesia through the lens of kaki limas, we invite you to ponder: what does home mean to you